The Pre-Assessment is designed to assess your current knowledge of the content areas prioritized by the National Family Support Professional Competency Framework. For the Career Compass to provide you with best guided learning opportunities through the Institute for the Advancement of Family Support Professionals ("Institute"), you should use no outside resources to aid in your completion of the assessment.

When you have completed the assessment, your results will be mapped onto your own, personal Career Compass learning map which will guide you to modules within the Institute that will help you complete your map in preparation for the National Family Support Certification Exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

All registered Institute users are eligible to utilize this free tool.

It is not necessary to register to take the Pre-Assessment, it is available for free anytime to all learners with an Institute account. To take the Pre-Assessment, sign up for a free account with the Institute or sign in with your already registered account. You must be signed in with your account to take the Pre-Assessment.

Sign in to the Institute and visit the Your Compass page at the top of the site. Once in your Career Compass, click the purple "Take the Pre-Assessment" button near the top of the page. This will take you to your Pre-Assessment. The Pre-Assessment is 170 questions and may take 1-2 hours. You can take the pre-assessment at your own pace, it is not timed and is a learning tool to help you identify your training needs.

The Pre-Assessment is an important part of prepping for the exam. Our recommendation is to take the Pre-Assessment and complete modules and quizzes based on your Career Compass results. Once you have taken the appropriate modules and quizzes, feel free to return to re-take the Pre-Assessment to gauge your readiness for the exam. You can take the Pre-Assessment as many times as you wish.

We have created a visual to help you navigate the Institute. Check out our map!

The Pre-Assessment provides an overall score percentage as well as a percentage for each competency within the National Family Support Professional Competency Framework, which feeds into a learner's individualized Career Compass for a personalized learning experience within the Institute. The Career Compass allows learners to find modules that expand on content areas identified in the Pre-Assessment.

No, but all registered Institute users are welcome to take the Pre-Assessment as many times as they would like.

No, but the Pre-Assessment is the first step to preparing for the exam. Click here for more information on the
National Family Support Certification Exam.

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