Child Abuse and Neglect, Part Three: Virginia Mandated Reporter

This training includes Virginia-specific laws and procedures. Check with your state or local authorities for your state‚Äôs Mandated Reporting Certification requirements.  

For Virginia residents: you must have an account with the Institute and be logged in to download your certificate.

This one hour module is a training for family support professionals in Virginia to attain their Mandatory Reporting Certification. It covers the Code of Virginia definitions of child abuse and neglect and responsibilities of mandated reporters, describes the indicators of different types of child maltreatment and instructions on how to report. The training includes scopes of practice for CPS staff, FSPs and other professionals whose job requires them to be a mandated reporter. It includes a discussion of the role of the supervisor and local agency guidelines in the reporting process.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify the legal basis for child abuse and neglect services and reporting.
  2. Understand your role and responsibilities as a mandated reporter.
  3. Identify and define the types of child abuse and neglect recognized in Virginia.
  4. Recognize the indicators of abuse and neglect.
  5. Determine the appropriate responses to disclosure of abuse and neglect.
  6. Follow procedures for reporting suspected child abuse and neglect.
  7. Know information needed by CPS when you make a report.
  8. Describe the typical response by CPS to reports of suspected abuse and neglect and know what to expect from CPS after a report is made.