Breastfeeding 2: Helping Mothers Initiate Breastfeeding

 This module will give family support professionals who work with pregnant women and families information they can use to support mothers who have chosen to breastfeed. The module offers anticipatory guidance to help mothers prepare for breastfeeding, including information on latch, positioning, foods to avoid and baby's sleep and hunger signals. Participants learn difficulties a mother may encounter as she initiates breastfeeding, along with possible solutions. The module includes "red flags" to watch for that indicate that a mother may need additional help and resources that may be available to support breastfeeding mothers.

Learning Objectives 
  1. Describe anticipatory guidance the home visitor can share with mothers after they have decided to breastfeed
  2. List common difficulties a woman may encounter along with possible solutions
  3. List “red flags” and resources available to support breastfeeding mothers

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Supplemental Materials
Estimated Time to Complete
30 minutes
Skills Addressed
Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition Child nutrition Breastfeeding