Breastfeeding 1: Helping Mothers Choose Breastfeeding

This module will give family support professionals who work with pregnant women and families information they can use to promote breastfeeding. The module offers information on the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding, the factors that influence a mother's decision about breastfeeding, and strategies to help mothers overcome common barriers they might face in choosing breastfeeding. The module includes "red flags" to watch for that indicate that a mother may need additional help as well as resources that may be available to support pregnant mothers.

Learning Objectives 
  1. Describe the benefits of breastfeeding for baby, mom and family
  2. Discuss factors that influence a mother's decision about breastfeeding
  3. List possible barriers to breastfeeding and strategies to overcome barriers
  4. Demonstrate skills in communication and counseling strategies
  5. Describe the scope of family support professional practice and how and when to make referrals