Historical Trauma

This module examines the concept of historical trauma. Participants will uncover events and experiences that have caused such intergenerational adversity, learn of the devastating effects historical trauma has on individuals and groups today, and celebrate resilient efforts to overcome these traumas through reclaiming the past to heal the future. Importantly, this module highlights the firsthand accounts of individuals, in their own words, whose families have experienced historical trauma. Finally, it provides concrete ways for professionals, community members, and allies to critically consider their own personal stories and to build support for those that have experienced historically traumatic discrimination, oppression, and persecution to build strong, thriving communities today.

Learning Objectives
  1. Historical Trauma and how it has affected different groups of people throughout generations, spanning both time and place.
  2. Individuals whose ancestral pasts and current lives are connected through systemic and targeted group trauma. 
  3. Incredible resilience of families and populations that respond to historical trauma daily through relationships, hope, and survival.