The Nuts and Bolts of Family Support Supervision

Supervisors will explore the many facets of the supervision process. Beginning with the hiring and orientation of staff to performance evaluations, supervision begins with the partnership that develops between the supervisor and the family support professional and continues throughout the family support process.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Hire qualified professionals who meet the qualifications for providing quality support to families
  2. Effectively orient new family support staff in preparation for direct services to families
  3. Establish a regular format and structure for supervision of family support professionals that covers an update on cases, staff development, tasks and intervention techniques
  4. Establish regular formal and informal performance appraisals based on job descriptions
  5. Facilitate group supervision and case processing with family support professionals
  6. Facilitate team meetings that are inclusive and informational
  7. Implement strategies during individual and group supervision that encourage creative thinking and best practice
  8. Manage group cohesion and conflict in a manner that maintains focus on outcomes for families
  9. Lead staff to achieve personal, programmatic and professional goals

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Supplemental Materials
Estimated Time to Complete
120 minutes
Skills Addressed