Leaning In: Trauma and Resilience

This 45-minute online module, Leaning In: Trauma and Resilience, provides a general overview of trauma and the impact it has on families, providers and family-provider relationships. With a strong understanding of trauma and resilience, you'll be better equipped to support families to address trauma, establish resilience and create well-being.

You'll also consider how your own and others’ trauma impacts your work and your daily life and identify ways you can support your own resilience.

Learning Objectives
  1. Define trauma and list potential traumatic events for adults and children 
  2. Describe the science that clarifies trauma and resilience. 
  3. Identify the effects of trauma on the brain, body and behavior. 
  4. Explore the use of resilience as a strategy to mitigate trauma. 
  5. Understand how your own trauma history impacts your work with families.
  6. Define compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma and list strategies to take care of yourself and support your own resilience